1. Order certified copies of your marriage documents here.
  1. Visit your local Social Security Administration office with your marriage documents, your ID, and proof of citizenship to get a new social security card reflecting your name change .  Click here to fill out  the application form required.  
  1. Change your name at the local Department of Motor Vehicles after you receive your new Social Security Card to get a new ID or Driver’s License.  Additional documents you will need to bring are your current ID or driver’s license,  new Social Security Card, proof of address and your marriage documents. 
  1.  Change  your name on your Bank Accounts to keep your identity intact.  Remember to request new checks, debit and   credit cards too.
  1. Change your name on your passport.  Click here for more information. 
  1. Change your name and other relevant information at Work.  The changes will be made to your W-2, W-4 and deductions if needed.
  1. Update your name and address (if applicable) with the US Postal Service. Click here for more information. 
  1. Notify other places you need to change your name including:

Finances ( Insurance Policies, Debt,  Investments)

Home (Utility bills)

Medical (Primary Doctor, Dentist, Pharmacist, Therapist)

Legal (Business documents, Last Will and Testament, Immigration, Military offices, Attorney’s office,

Voter Registration, Power of Attorney)

Entertainment (Memberships and Subscriptions, Social Media Accounts)

Others (Email Accounts, Schools, Car Title, Professional license)