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Marriage Records

When you need your marriage records fast, Records NV is the first place to look. Before you place your order, it’s important to understand which marriage records you actually need.

  • Marriage Certificates vs Marriage License?
  • When Are Marriage Records Required?
  • What Else Should I Know When Requesting Public Records of Marriage?

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Some Countries may require an Apostille from the State of Nevada to register your marriage.

Please call our office 866-425-6414 or click here to Order Apostille Record from is an online resource that allows people who were married in Las Vegas or other surrounding areas within Clark County Nevada to order certified copies of their official Marriage Certificates, once they’ve been recorded with the Clark County Recorder.

We are unable to issue Marriage Licenses. Marriage Licenses are issued prior to the ceremony and can only be issued by the state or the county where the ceremony will take place. However we can retrieve a certified copy of your marriage license once it’s recorded. Click here to Order Certified Marriage License from

Marriage Certificates vs. Marriage License:

These are two separate documents:

A Marriage License is a legal document that authorizes a designated party to perform the ceremony, allowing you to get married. Only after the marriage ceremony is completed and the certificate is recorded can the document be retrieved.

If you need a certified copy of a marriage license recorded in Nevada: Click here to Order Nevada Marriage License

Marriage Certificates are official public records that must be certified by the Clark County Recorder in Las Vegas Nevada. The Marriage Certificates show where in Clark County the ceremony took place, who performed the ceremony and the date of the ceremony. These public records are proof that you were married.

Unrecorded certificates issued at the time of your wedding or a certified copy of your marriage license are not considered “Proof of Marriage”. Only after a marriage Certificate has been RECORDED and CERTIFIED , is it valid.

There are two types of Public Records issued for Proof of Marriage in Clark County, Nevada. Please use the following descriptions to help determine which type of Certified Public Record you will need.

Marriage Abstract:

A marriage record which has bride and grooms names, date married, date of recording, and certificate number issued by the state or county the marriage was conducted in.

*Used for most U.S. agencies and some foreign countries

Order Nevada Marriage Abstract

Marriage Certificates:

Copies of the actual certificate of the ceremony. Includes all of the information on the “Abstract Certificate” plus the following:

  • Signature of Witnesses
  • Minister’s Name
  • Name and Physical address of the location the ceremony was performed in.

*Used for: Adoption, Immigration Catholic Church, prison visitations, and some foreign countries

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Unrecorded certificates issued at the time of your wedding are not considered “Proof of Marriage.” Only after a Marriage Certificate has been recorded and CERTIFIED, is it valid.

NOTE: The Clark County Recorder records all marriage certificates which are proof that a marriage ceremony was performed in Las Vegas or Clark County. The marriage official performing the ceremony has ten days to submit the marriage certificate to the Clark County Recorder, in Las Vegas Nevada, for recording. Certified copies of these public records are normally available one day after received from the official.

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Don’t forget to order extra certified copies of your Nevada Marriage Records.

Perhaps you would like extra copies of your “Certified” Marriage Certificate as personal keepsakes for your Wedding Scrapbook or to frame and place on your mantel. Again, most agencies require you to submit the original public records as “Proof of Marriage” and will not accept a copy.

When Are Official Certified Marriage Records Needed?

You may need “CERTIFIED” copies of your Marriage Certificate or Abstract Certificate in order to update your records or change your name on the following:

  • Social Security Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Insurance
  • Passport
  • Immigration Naturalization Service
  • Banking / Medical records etc.

Most agencies listed above require Proof of Marriage, and in most cases, you are required to leave the original “CERTIFIED” records with the agency. In this case multiple copies of your Marriage Certificates may be necessary.

Don’t be inconvenienced when you need original “Certified” Public Records.

Document Recording and Retrieval Services, is experienced in the process and policies of obtaining original “Certified” Public Records, in Clark County, Nevada. Marriage Certificates are embossed with the official Clark County seal, showing authenticity. Certified Certificates also show the date of marriage, official recording date of marriage, and book/page number of the official records.

MARRIAGE RECORDS are also needed under the following scenarios.

Scenario 1.

Las Vegas Nevada , the wedding capitol of the world. Many people come to this marriage Mecca to wed then head back to their daily lives within days of the big event. This is only the beginning. Soon after the ceremony, there’s a huge list of to-do’s. Many of them require official “CERTIFIED” copies of your marriage certificate.

  • Driver’s license renewal
  • Name change
  • Social Security Card update
  • Change your banking information
  • Insurance Policy Update

So what are you going to do now that you are hundreds of miles away and you need copies of your marriage certificate? You don’t have to travel all the way to Las Vegas, Nevada. And you don’t have to wait up to 3 months to receive certified copies from the Clark County Recorder. When you order Marriage Certificates through, your order is hand carried by a qualified professional, and in the mail the following business day.

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Scenario 2.

Searching for lost ancestors who may have married in Las Vegas or Clark County Nevada? Certified copies of Marriage Certificates are official public records, that offer vital information for Genealogical Research.

When Requesting Certified Copies of Marriage Certificates…

Provide as much information as you can. If you are unsure of the exact date of the wedding we can search up to a 10 year range. Be sure to specify the range of years that you want.

It is not uncommon for someone to forget the city or county which their wedding ceremony took place. In this instance we need as much information as possible to retrieve the correct public records.

Searches performed with insufficient or inaccurate information provided by the requesting party will not be refunded. Failure to adequately provide necessary information for a search could prevent our searchers from retrieving the correct public records.

Because we charge on a “Per Search” basis, NO refunds will be issued for searches resulting in “NO RECORD FOUND”. If additional attempts to locate Public Records are requested, each attempt will require a separate order and the appropriate fees applied.

If you are unsure about some of the information included in your order, the City or County the Marriage License was issued in, can sometimes be helpful.