Apostille Services For Public RECORDS

Apostille services within the US are available for the retrieval of certified documents for residents of foreign countries.

Records NV provides can process your request and help you avoid many authentication issues with documents needed for use outside the United States.

Avoid running into frustrating issues with your document authentications by obtaining the proper seal required from the Secretary of State.

Once you obtain an apostille for use in your country, you should not have any further problems.

There are several steps required to obtain the apostille, which is also referred to as certificates of authenticity and we have representatives available to assist you with the entire process.

Your public record must first be obtained from the issuing agency which could include, the federal or state agency, the city or municipal authority or the county clerk in which the document is recorded. Once the certified document has been retrieved it’s then sent to the Secretary of State to authenticate the seals and have the apostille stamp applied.

Apostille Services

Apostille Definition

An apostille is a certified document that is authenticated and stamped with the state seal by the Secretary of a State for the document you’re requesting, or by the US State Department for federal documents and other records issued by Federal Agencies.

Apostille Documents

The following documents may require an apostille to be considered valid in your country:

Types of Apostille:

An apostille may be obtained for your personal and commercial documents by submitting them to the Secretary of State or to the State Department in Washington DC.

Secretary of State Issued Apostille Services:

  • Birth Records
  • School Records
  • Marriage Records
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Business Records

It’s important to note that an apostille can only be issued by the state office and could take up to several weeks for processing. Records NV is a private service provider that specializes in expediting this process and we are able to process these documents much faster, sometimes within a few days.

US State Department Issued Apostille Services:

Apostilles for Federal Documents are also available though they may require additional processing times and consultation to determine whether or not you actually need this type of record.

  • Federal Documents
  • FBI Background checks
  • IRS Records
  • Immigration Records

Expedited Apostille Services are available

To schedule an appointment, please send an email anytime, or call during normal business hours Monday through Friday

Your certified copy of the original public document will be shipped to you within 2 to 3 business days of having your document issued.

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